SafetyDay2015Hello all, hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to another summer of jumping at Skydive Pennsylvania. Safety Day is a great way to get your mind back into some of the problems that may arise while throwing yourself at the earth at 120 mph. The day will start at 9 a.m. and go till the speakers are done, questions are answered, significant other calls and tells you to get home, or the beer runs out (drinking only when beer light goes on please). For the speakers and questions plan on around 3 p.m. and for the latter it is open to the individual. Some of the topics that will be covered are Gear Checks, Aircraft Safety, Freefall Safety, Canopy Safety, and probably just some more Safety in General. We will try to get some loads in that day when the speakers are done, this is totally up to the weather and time allowed. As always, if anyone would like to help out in any way please contact me (John Ellison) at ,
800-909-JUMP, or on facebook.
Thank You and Bluest of Skies.