Class Registration

Skydive Pennsylvania is a full service training center.  We can take you from doing your first tandem all the way through to you’re A-license and beyond.   We use the United States Parachute Associations training curriculum and use the most modern gear for your safety.


To sign up for a class you must have done a tandem or other type of skydive first.  We do this for safety reasons and have found that once you know what to expect, after doing the tandem, you do much better and get a lot more out of your first jump course.


We schedule courses about every 2 weeks throughout the summer.  The classes are between 4-8 hours long and your first IAF (Instructor Assisted Freefall) jump is included in the price.  You may not get to jump the same day as your class depending on weather or other factors.


The other jumps you will do to work your way to your license require only a small briefing before we go up and do it again.  The longer you go between jumps though the longer this briefing will be.


Call us at 1-800-909-JUMP(5867) or email us at to ask about our next class.