Some Common Questions and Answers

Will I be scared?   

There is always some fear into going into the unknown, but most of the time the most fear you will feel will be before you arrive to do your jump.   By the time you have had your briefing and watched all the smiling faces land you are ready and excited.

What will go on when I arrive to do my jump?

You will check in at the office to let us know you are here.  You will be given some paperwork to fill out and then you will be briefed on the jump.

Is my show up time the time I will be jumping?

No this is the time you will check into manifest.

Will I jump right away?   

Normally after you are briefed you will have some time to watch other jumpers land and enjoy the atmosphere of an active Dropzone.

How long should I plan on being at the Dropzone?

We normally ask you to plan on spending 4-6 hours with us on the weekends and less time during the weekdays.  You will normally not be here this full time but things out of our control can happen to lengthen the day.

What should I wear?    

The most important thing is shoes that are secure, no flip flops or sandals.  For clothing wear what you would be comfortable in on the ground that day.  It will normally be about 25 degrees colder at altitude but we are not there very long.  We will let you wear a jumpsuit to protect your cloths.

What will be explained to us in our briefing?    

 Unlike a roller coaster that is on a track, and has no feeling, you are attached to a human being.  During your briefing you will be explained what your instructor will expect from you on your skydive.  They do not expect much, for they know this is your first time and just want this to be enjoyable for you.

Are your instructors licensed?    

All of our instructors are licensed through the United States Parachute Association, the governing body of Parachuting in the United States.  We have a very seasoned group of instructors with most having over 2000 jumps.

Can we bring our own camera in freefall?     

You must have 200 jumps to handle a camera during a skydive.  You can purchase a video package from us that will get your entire experience on video and stills.  You can however take as many pictures from our spectator area and rest of our facility as you can snap.

What are the weight restrictions?    

The weight limit is 230 lbs. proportionate to height and weight.

What are the age requirements?

You must be 18 to sign the legal waiver you must fill out before jumping.  A guardian may not sign this for you.  There is no upper age limit, as long as your doctor feels it is alright for you to jump.

What are the physical requirements?

As long as you can do a couple simple things for us on the way down and on landing we are good.  We take people with physical handicaps with the proper notification and preparation before jumping.

Can we back out?

You can back out at any time before getting geared up for a refund.  In the airplane our instructors will not force you to leave but you will not get a refund on your jump.

How many people back out?

Most of our instructors in all their years of jumping will tell you that they can only remember mabey 1 or 2 people that have not gone.

How long is the plane ride?

The plane ride is about 20 minutes.

What does freefall feel like?

It is a very hard feeling to describe or explain but it is normally much different than what people were expecting.  It is more like floating over top of a big fan than falling.

How long will I be in freefall?

Freefall normally takes between 45-55 seconds from altitude.

Can I talk in freefall?

You can talk all you want but your instructor will not be able to hear you.

Is it hard to breath in freefall?

It is different, not only is your adrenaline on override but you have 120 mph. wind in your face.  You just have to think about it and it comes naturally.

Can I talk under canopy?

Once you get under canopy it becomes very quiet, you can talk to your instructor as you glide back to the landing area.

What if I start to feel sick under canopy?

If you get sick riding on a boat you should probably take some non-drowsy motion sickness medicine before you jump.  If you do start feeling sick under canopy tell your instructor and he will do everything he can to make it better for you.

What will the landing be like?

More than likely you will be able to watch some landings before you go up.  With tandems we almost always land sliding in on our butt, this will be thoroughly explained to you in your pre jump briefing

Are food and drink available on site?

We have a variety of snacks and beverages that can be purchased on site.

Is there an ATM on site?


Can we decide when we get there if we want the video package?

Yes you can let us know any time before your jump.

Are there things to do while we are waiting to jump?

You can bring a picnic and watch jumpers, we have several outdoor games we can get out at anyone’s request, or the Outlet Malls are only a couple minutes down the road if you just need to go somewhere.  There are also many good restaurants in the area.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes we accept most major credit and debit cards.

Do you have bathroom facilities?

Yes we have full indoor bathrooms with showers.

Do you have insurance?

No, you will be asked to fill out a waiver before you jump waiving your rights to seek any legal action.  This is standard procedure at any Skydiving center.