Group Discounts

Skydiving is an expensive sport.  You have Airplanes, airports, lifesaving gear, lifesaving instructors, and the maintanance and upgrading of all of these factors.  Our prices are set as they are because of the quality of equipment we use and the experience and safety record of our instructors.  “Good Skydiving isn’t Cheap and Cheap Skydiving isn’t Good”.

That being said we give a discount of $10 per person if you book as a group of 5 or more, and if you book as a group of 11 people the 11th goes free.   If you have over 11 people please contact us at 1-800-909-JUMP and we will discuss it further.

If you are the organizer of the group it is good to get a deposit or full payment from everyone in your group before making your final booking with us.  We will require a $35 deposit per person that is non refundable if you do not cancel a week before your jump date.