Tandem Jump Rates

First Tandem Jump $239.00
Second Tandem Jump in Same Season $199.00

AFF Course Rates

Category A – First Jump Course $339.00
Category B (2 Instructors) $189.00 ea.
Category C1 (2 Instructors) $189.00 ea.
Category C2 (1 Instructor) $149.00 ea.
Category D (1 Instructor) $149.00 ea.
Category E (1 Instructor) $149.00 ea.
Category F (Coach) $99.00 ea.
Category G (Coach) $99.00 ea.
Category H (Coach) $99.00 ea.
Dear Prospective Skydiver:

While reviewing our pricing we ask that you keep this in mind: 
Skydiving requires an immense amount of trust. We approach our business ethics the same way we pack our parachutes and the ones we offer you. No games or gimmicks. We will not mislead prospective skydivers by raising regular prices to offer “huge discounts” or offer low prices then tack on miscellaneous fees.

Good Skydiving is not cheap, Cheap skydiving is not good. We offer high quality skydiving at very competitive prices, along with a unique place to 
have a whole lot of fun. We hope you will come and see.