AFF Program Pricing

Become an Independent Skydiver

Accelerated Freefall Program Cost

The pricing table below outlines the price for each category of jump within the AFF training program. Students must pass each category before progressing to the next one. This means that the total cost of learning to skydive and completing the AFF program will vary by student. Our instructors are dedicated to helping each student progress through their training in a time and cost efficient manner, however student safety and preparedness is always our #1 priority.

Register for an Upcoming AFF Course

To register for a First Jump Course, please call us at 724-748-5377 or email us at to ask about our upcoming classes.

AFF Course Rates
Jump Information Cost
Category A First Jump Course $369.00
Category B 2 Instructors $219.00 ea.
Category C1 2 Instructors $219.00 ea.
Category C2 1 Instructor $179.00 ea.
Category D 1 Instructor $179.00 ea.
Category E 1 Instructor $179.00 ea.
Category F Coach $129.00 ea.
Category G Coach $129.00 ea.
Category H Coach $129.00 ea.

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