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IAD And AFF Program


Skydive Pennsylvania is a full-service training center. We can take you from doing your first tandem all the way through to your “A” license and beyond. We follow the United States Parachute Association’s training curriculum and use the most modern gear to ensure your safety.

If you dream of becoming a licensed skydiver and jumping solo, Instructor Assisted Deployment is the right choice for you. Learn how to skydive from Pennsylvania’s most experienced instructors and begin your journey towards earning your skydiving license by enrolling in IAD and transitioning into the Accelerated Freefall training program at Skydive PA!


Instructor Assisted Deployment is an evolution of the Static Line training method. Rather than a static line attaching the student to the aircraft, in IAD the instructor holds the student’s pilot chute and manually deploys the student’s parachute as he or she exits the aircraft from between 3,500-5,000 feet. The IAD course includes four to six hours of ground training where you will learn the fundamentals. Following your training, you will make a skydive using instructor-assisted deployment from 3,500-5,000 feet. 

The benefit of IAD is that it allows for a strict focus on canopy flight right from the beginning. We encourage our students to complete an IAD jump after their first tandem skydive.  After successfully completing IAD, students will transition to Accelerated Freefall.

IAD Rates
Jump Information Cost
Instructor Assisted Deployment Course and Jump $355
Any Additional Jumps Instructor Assisted Deployment $100

What Is AFF?

Instructor Assisted Freefall, often referred to as Accelerated Freefall, is an “accelerated” learning program which provides you with the fundamental training necessary to become an independent skydiver. Similar to hiring a tennis or golf pro as a tutor, an AFF course provides instructor assisted skydiving lessons that help you develop the skills you need to become a licensed skydiver.

After completing IAD, a student may transition to Accelerated Freefall. The Accelerated Freefall course at Skydive PA will include ground training where you’ll learn skydiving fundamentals covering aircraft, exit, freefall, and deployment. Following your ground training, you will make a jump from 10,500 to 13,500 feet with two certified freefall instructors. The instructors will accompany you throughout the freefall portion of your skydive, from the moment you exit the aircraft until you deploy your canopy. Your AFF instructors will assist you in maintaining a stable body position and monitoring your altitude. Once you reach an altitude of around 5,500 feet, you will deploy your own parachute and fly your canopy back to the landing area.


As you continue your training at Skydive Pennsylvania, you will work your way through what USPA calls Categories. The categories go from A-H and some have more than one jump involved in completing them. You will receive a briefing before each jump to review your objectives and a debriefing after each jump to discuss how you performed. You must pass each category before you move to the next one. We cannot provide a set price for your training because the overall cost ultimately depends upon your performance. Although we would like to see you progress quickly, in the end safety is our main concern. We help many people each year achieve their “A” license through hard work and determination. It is an awesome accomplishment!


To register for an AFF course, you must first complete a tandem skydive and complete at least one IAD jump. This is required for safety reasons. We have found this helps you know what to expect and allows you to get a lot more out of your first jump course.*

We schedule courses about every 2 weeks throughout the summer. Courses are 4-6 hours long and your first IAF (Instructor Assisted Freefall) jump is included in the price. Please note that depending on weather conditions, you may not be able to jump on the day of your class.

The other jumps you will complete as you work your way to your license require only a short briefing prior to jumping. However, the longer you wait between skydives, the longer this briefing will be.

Call us at 1-800-909-JUMP or email us at jump@skydivepa.com to ask about our next class.

*Individuals may be approved to begin AFF without IAD on a case by case basis.

AFF Course Rates
Jump Information Cost
Category A First Jump Course $369.00
Category B 2 Instructors $219.00 ea.
Category C1 2 Instructors $219.00 ea.
Category C2 1 Instructor $179.00 ea.
Category D 1 Instructor $179.00 ea.
Category E 1 Instructor $179.00 ea.
Category F Coach $129.00 ea.
Category G Coach $129.00 ea.
Category H Coach $129.00 ea.

A well run organization and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to dive!

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