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Whether you’re a first-time skydiver or an experienced sport jumper, Skydive Pennsylvania is dedicated to ensuring that you have a top-notch experience when you jump with us. We work hard to provide all of our guests with a quality skydiving experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

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Allamys – Via Trip Advisor

1st tandem skydive today! Great place and great people! A well run organization and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to dive!

It was fantastic!

Val B. – Via Trip Advisor

Great place. I’ve been here several times to do tandem jumps and each time it was a unique experience. The staff here is excellent and very well trained. They make sure you are outfitted correctly for a safe jump and the harness is inspected several times for the correct fit. The owners were there to answer questions and were very friendly and helpful. Check out the t-shirts too. I get a new one each year and they hold up well. I got a video on my first jump and it was well worth the cost. The photographers and videographers do an excellent job. You won’t be disappointed. All in all it is a great thrill that isn’t at all as scary as you would think. It was on my bucket list to do only once but I keep going back!

Niki B. – Via Google

People were awesome from start to finish, my tandem jumper was super awesome at letting me know what was going on the entire time! Already paid for a second jump, can’t wait!!!

Daniel A. – Via Google

Exceptional! SkydivePA has friendly, professional staff. Cecil busts his butt to make sure that everyone has an amazing, safe experience. My advice is to go on a sunny weekday when you can.
I give 5 stars for excellent staff, meticulous instruction, safe practices, and just because Cecil and Corey are awesome.

Billy S. – Via Google

The staff were professional, friendly and supportive. My family and I had a great time for our first jump & plan to return for another go round. A very positive experience.

Magdelana G. – Via Google

Awesome experience! Staff were jovial, fun, and supportive. The jump was unreal!

Joe P. – Via Google

Even the thought of skydiving can be nerve-wracking and scary. If you are even thinking about it my suggestion is to do it, you won’t regret it. Skydive PA made my first experience a great one. I felt safe the entire time. The guides were friendly and told us what to expect every step of the way from the ground to the jump. Our landing was so soft we didn’t even need to use our legs! I was nervous about my first jump and now I’m already to go back on the next one. An easy Five stars here.

Gennarose H. – Via Yelp

Skydiving can be a very nerve wrecking experience, the anticipation of it all is what really gets to you. I wasn’t as nervous as expected considering this was my first time jumping out of a moving plane but sure enough once I started reading through all of the paperwork and watching the informative video my palms were sweating! I must have read and heard the word “death” over 15 times. My nerves were soon calmed as soon as I got acquainted with the staff/instructors. As I scanned the walls I took in all of the smiling faces and thought to myself this will be amazing don’t worry. I then spoke to a gentleman who did jumps from buildings in LA, he was so passionate about it as he spoke. I was now more excited rather than nervous – I realized this was a privilege and something I had always dreamt of doing. The instructors were all very relaxed and experienced which made me feel safe. We even moved our jump date because I had airport issues and ended up taking way longer than expected to get to PA. After the breathtaking jump the owner of the place was waiting at the bottom with beers for my boyfriend and I. I have absolutely no complaints here and would advise others to give this place a shot, especially if it’s your first time!!! (PA is much greener than California currently due to the drought, so it was an amazing view on the way down!)

DAVID O. – Via Yelp

I just got back from my first time going up in a plane that I didn’t land in. It was a blast! Pure rush! What a great day to do it on too! Clear sky, perfect temperature, and they had a special skybus airplane in today. They were packing close to 25 people per lift and flying to 13,500 feet at 120mph. The back door is a garage door that flings up and everyone just runs out the back of the plane. What a great way to do it! Most planes you have to bail out the side from your knees. There’s nothing like that first step out onto nothingness.
From 13,500′ the free fall last about 45 seconds and that goes so fast! Then a graceful 4-5 minutes drift once the canopy is opened. Ask your guide for some action and he’ll throw you into some quick 360 spins or whatever else he can manage. Do it! You’re just in awe taking in the panoramic landscape. Being my first jump it was obviously tandem. My guide, Justin was on point. At no time was I made nervous or felt rushed. He took care of it all and made it a great experience. I’m so tempted now to get my A grade license and make it a life long hobby. Not to mention the place is loaded with cute girls! Who knew so many were into this?!
Skydive PA is the place to do it. They run an efficient operation with little wait time. It’s actually pretty cool to see everyone running around doing there thing. Packing canopies, taking photos, rehearsing jump formations, and just vegging out. I could spend some time there just watching people jump and it would be a day well spent.

Sarah K. – Via Facebook

I got a surprise gift card to skydive for my birthday. That was back in April, finally I was able to find a free Sunday yesterday to book my jump. Wow am I glad I waited! I had perfect weather and couldn’t of asked for a clearer sky! All of the staff was incredibly warm and welcoming and happy to answer any questions I had. I never felt ill-prepared for my jump or what to expect. My tandem instructor, Cuch, was friendly and funny, and all of the experienced single divers used humor to ease my nerves on the plane. I’m pretty sure I blacked out the first 30 seconds of the free fall because I can’t quite seem to find the words to explain the incredible experience. I cannot wait to go back next year! I recommend Skydive PA to anyone thinking they want to jump out of an airplane!