Our Skydiving Aircraft

Beechcraft King Air

13.5K in 10 Minutes

The Beechcraft King Air is known as the ‘rocket ship’ of skydiving aircraft thanks to its ability to get jumpers to altitude in just ten minutes (compared to the traditional 20+ minutes in other aircraft)! A faster ride to altitude means more loads, more jumps, and less waiting around!

Our instructors love the King Air’s quick climb to altitude for its efficiency and ability to get students in the air in just minutes. Our pilots love it too as it’s a fun, fast plane in which to build hours!

About the King Air

The King Air may look small when compared to a traditional commercial airliner, but this jump ship is a mid-sized skydiving plane.

Our beloved plane holds up to 13 skydivers – plenty of room to jump with your friends, and plenty fast to get in many jumps in a day!


My nerves were soon calmed as soon as I got acquainted with the staff/instructors. As I scanned the walls I took in all of the smiling faces and thought to myself this will be amazing don't worry.

Gennarose H. – Via Yelp